Ovaless House
Two gardens bring light, breezes, and the scent of greenery into this residence. One is an oval courtyard garden; the other is rectangular and lines the narrow end of the house. To prevent the gardens from being overwhelmed by the building, we kept the forms minimalistic and incorporated movement. In the oval garden, an evergreen longstalk holly and a maple with curved branches transplanted from the mountains contrast with the vertical lines of the buildingfs facade. The reflection of greenery and clouds on the surface of the shallow pond convey a sense of passing time. The rectangular garden serves two conflicting purposes: on the far end, it is a miniature garden overlooked by the living space, while near the road, it is a parking area for guests. We fulfilled both functions with the single gesture of a check pattern that gradually shifts from mostly stone near the road to mostly greenery towards the back.  
Completion Date 2009.07
Size 730m2


Architect Shigeru Ban Architects
Category Housing