Ronghui International Hotspring City Shangzhu Model Area
This model area is like a garden for the model condominium. The approach has an elevation of 7m. This area must be created as part of the whole design, but it is also necessary to take into account the function the model condo, which is to promote sales of the condominiums. The design concept is to use different approaches to the land, with the flatter areas used for housing and the sloped areas used for the landscape, in order to create different experiences of scale. Therefore, landscape elements are modularized and compacted, in a similar way as electronic circuits are in IC chips. In the model area, landscape elements, such as approach pathways, plants and waterfalls, are designed using simple geometrical patterns. Viewing the undulating landscape, you can see an incredible sequence you could not imagine from a bird's]eye view.  
Completion Date 2011.04
Size 3000m2


Architect Kume Sekkei Co.,Ltd
Category The Complex of Residential and Commercial Facility