Dokkyo Medical UniversityiPhase1j

The external space is divided by two buildings, one high-rise and one low-rise. But the architectural design helps connect the spaces as a continuing series of gardens. We aimed to create a living environment for nursing students which reduces their stress levels and helps them relax. Using three landscape elements to characterize the individual spaces creates a visual narrative which emphasizes the continuities between the buildings and the landscape. gGreen: plantsh represents relief from everyday life, gWhite: floors and wallsh represents the loyalty and dedication of the nurses, and gClover: a four-leaf cloverh represents happiness. This combination of elements effectively symbolizes the mission of the facility. The first phase of construction was building the west-side high-rise building. The rooftop garden, with its panoramic view of the Nikko Mountains, is a calming place for students to spend time with each other.

Completion Date 2013.11
Size 2500m2
Location Shimotsuga,Tochigi
Architect Kume Sekkei Co.,Ltd
Category Research Institute