COBY Preschools Kodaira
Instead of defining the rules of how to play with playing facilities, we aimed at designing a playground that triggers childrenfs curiosity by providing them with opportunities to play in a way that stimulates their curiosity and social abilities. There are undulations on the lawn ground surfaces. Depending on the growth of each infant, they will be able to see different things and go to different places. The canal flows into the sandbox hardening the sand and we prepared two different types of sand such as smooth white sand and black sand. The square bars inserted on the wall can be used as benches to read books for children, exhibition stands, athletic equipment, and houses for playing. It is not easy to move the square bars without learning how to cooperate with other children and senior kindergarteners. From the underground tunnel and observation dome, children can see differently from the usual perspective. In addition to feeling wonderful when they come to the end of the stone steps, we believe that children will find varieties of rules and rewarding new ways to play.  
Completion Date 2013.03
Size 720m2
Location Kodaira,Tokyo
Architect Tsushima Design Studio
Category Kindergarten