Different from the remaining alleyways and small hills in Aoyama Dori, we designed a garden with its own charm as a trimmed grove. In the garden, natural materials are used, such as a wall made of woven branches, wooden railway sleepers, gravel pavements, and green porcelain tiles. At the same time the garden is composed by a three-dimensional triangle of geometric shape. The "triangle" forms a continuous from the inside to the outside while changing the hardness as a common element of the building and garden. By their unique formation in concert with the building, a breath of nature is reflected on the architectural facades, and due to the perspective of depth up to the entrance, a difference is created with the rest of the neighborhood. This facility nestled in the growing trees and flowers, adds a new color to the landscape of Aoyama.  
Completion DateH 2014.02
Size 750m2
Location Minato-ku,Tokyo
Architect sasaki architecture
Lighting sola associates
Sign Nambu Design
Category Commercial Facility